R250pp for 10 laps

It’s time to get down and dusty with this great go-karting experience that will leave you breathless, but wanting more! Feel the roar of the engines as you slide and spin your way around the track. Don’t let the size of these little motors fool you – they are certain to pack a punch!

  Unique Experience - Full safety gear and briefing

  Adrenaline Rush - Great outdoor activity

  Jump Away - Great group activity

  Let go your Fear - Fast-paced adrenaline rush

As you arrive at the track you will receive a full safety briefing and will be fitted with a safety helmet before setting off in your kart, then it will be your time to take to the track. The track has been designed with some fantastic curves and fast straights that will test your driving skills at every turn. The karts used are surprisingly fast and after just a few laps you will have gained enough confidence to race your friends. You will have loads of fun blasting your way around the track, learning where to brake and where to put your foot down! Don’t worry though – the track is lined with tyres to help you stay on course!

Go kart + Action World

Go kart + Action World

10 laps in the Go-karts & entrance into Action World

Go kart + Zorb or Obstacle course

Go kart + Zorb or Obstacle course

5 laps in the Go-karts & 1 zorb roll or 2hrs in BattleRush