For Kids

Birthday Parties

​This is what kids love to do: Run, Jump,Crawl, Climb and Compete against their friends. We have it all exclusively for them to see who is the "Xtreme Warrior" of the group. This unique and challenging course will have them talking about how much fun they had and who is having their next party at the Jozi X. We have over 21 obstacles for the group to race across, over, under and through during their party.  ​Race through road rage and then quickly up and over our 12 foot cargo net. Conquer the "Great Wall" and then crawl through Dark Tunnels. Climb the rope and rappel down to the unbalanced steps. These are just a few of the obstacles that the participants will face. Each person can race the course as many times as the party allows to see who can post the fastest time. This is something that has to be seen in person.

R350 pp

For access into Action World for the day and Battle Rush for 2 hours

R250 pp

Know what you doing 2 hours access into the Battle Rush course

For Adults

Sprint obstacle course

BATTLE RUSH is a dry obstacle course designed to train you for your next adventure race, test your current fitness levels and develop your co-ordination and strength, through either the 21 obstacle route or the 42 HERO course. You won't find any water or mud in the course to cool you off, or any long distances between obstacles to catch your breath. The course is about pure strength, agility, speed and determination. The different courses are designed in an arena style venue with back-to-back obstacles, each testing different physical and mental skills. There are 2 different courses of 500m with 21 obstacles each, as well as the HERO course, offering 42 obstacles in within a 1km run. All the features are scale able for different levels of fitness and ability, from the seasoned racer to the first timer

Sprint obstacle course

BATTLE RUSH is open 7 days a week, with prior booking and participants can either spend time in the course, gaining strength and confidence in the different obstacles, or book a 2 hour training session during which an instructor will coach the participants through each obstacle, ensuring better skills and abilities for the next adventure race.