Jozi X adventure centre

Being powered by Pure Rush Industries, Jozi X is following the tradition of offering EXCLUSIVE activities to South Africans looking for adventure. The park has been specifically designed to cater for 4 to 75 year olds, so you have no excuse! Feel free to browse our site or, better yet, visit us at our home base Corner Main Road & Sloane Street, Bryanston, JHB. We would love you to come past and have the time of your life!


Jozi X - Adventure centre.

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Upcoming events

December 6
Holiday camps
April 2022 Ninja & Parkour camps
May 2022 15
Jozi X Slip & Slide will close
Kids Jam & Splatter activities now available

Brand new Activities coming to Jozi X

In keeping with the spirit of offering never before seen activities in South Africa, we are happy to announce our new activities that will be launching for Summer 2021.

1. The Electric hub

2. Jump & Slide

3. Ninja centre

4. Quad track

Holiday camps at Jozi X

Brand new holiday camp at Jozi X August 2021.

Camps will take place at BattleRush in Bryanston from the:

  1. 16th - 18th (Monday - Wednesday 09:00 - 14:00)
  2. 23rd - 25th (Monday - Wednesday 09:00 - 14:00) of August 2021.

We have an Action packed schedule consisting of Ninja, Parkour, Nerf, Arch rivals.

Obstacle training at BattleRush

The end of the boring workout is finally here!

Your physical and mental limits will be taken to higher levels. This class will teach proper technique and skills used to conquer many obstacles that you will encounter at most Obstacle races.  You will get a challenging workout while learning to over come fears and mental blocks in you life. Whether you are preparing for your next obstacle race or just looking for an empowering physical and mental workout, we’ve got it for you in this class!

You will learn the correct break down of how to make it over the walls!! Also we will discuss many different techniques on how to KILL IT on the monkey bars, and we will get people higher up on the vertical ropes!!

CrossFit classes

Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels. For beginners we have an introductory course as well as a full course.


OPENING TIMES – We are still only working on bookings. Please call before you come through.

*We are open most public holidays